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Changing a domain name for Drupal 6 installation

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I’m building a new web site for KEI, using Drupal 6. We created a dummy site on a subdirectory of another domain, and then tested the site to see would happen when we assigned a new domain to the new site built on drupal. Well, the new domain broke everything. The fix involved a single file: sites/default/setting.php.

Find the text starting with: $base_url = ‘http://

and edit it so the new domain is used.

Making a Linksys WRT55AG wireless router work with Verizon DSL

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

At home I have a Verizon DLS service, using a Westel DLS modem. At work once had Internet service from Comcast, and a Linksys WRT55AG wireless router. After we switched to Verizon, the Linksys WRT55AG router stopped working. I tried reseting the WRT55AG to the default setting and upgrading the firmware, but that did not help. What did fix the problem was to go into the router setup (going to, and from Setup/Basic Setup/Network Setup, change the Router IP to